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Assessing Parenting Help Center Updated

We have updated the Assessing Parenting Help Center. If you have any questions about functionality on the Assessing Parenting website, or want to learn more about Assessing Parenting, please make use of the Help Center. You can access the Help Center after logging into your account.


Spanish Translations Now Available

The Spanish AAPI, NSCS and PARTI inventories, scoring profiles, and response interpretations are now all ready for administration.

Please only use AAPI 2.5 and NSCS 3.1 forms for new assessments!


Parenting Attitudes about Raising Teenagers Inventory (1.0)

The PARTI is a self-report inventory developed over 7 years with approximately 1800 parents and teens from around the country sharing their attitudes about parenting a teen and about being a teen. Parents and teens participating in the field testing responded to 200 items describing their beliefs. Item analyses selected the statistically best items narrowing the item field to 40. The significant differences between the two populations clearly details just how different teens and parents can be regarding adolescence as a dynamic period of development.

The PARTI gathers the attitudes about parenting a teen and being a teen in five major construct areas: 1. Teen stages of psycho-social development; 2. Giving and showing respect and dignity; 3. Parents and teens working together in establishing discipline; 4. Teens roles and responsibilities within the family; 5. Empowering teens to make healthy choices.

Responses to the PARTI allow both parents and teens to identify the areas they agree and disagree. Along with teaching both parents and teens how to communicate respectfully, utilizing negotiation and compromise can lead to solutions to issues that satisfies both the teens and parents.

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The Parenting Attitudes about Raising Teenagers Inventory (PARTI 1.0) is an easy to administer inventory that promotes healthy teen and parent relationships.

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The Nurturing Skills Competency Scales (NSCS 3.1) is a collection of six recently released age and program related scales that provide a comprehensive profile of the families you are working with. The long version of the NSCS meets the requirements for state and federal government related requests for a comprehensive profile of the families receiving services.

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The Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2.5) has been recognized as the most frequently administered parenting inventory with over 2 million administrations during the past 35 years.

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