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System Reliability and Security

Over the last 10 months we have been redesigning the AAPI Online site. We have made many improvements to the user experience and functionality.

We've used the following techniques to ensure reliability, security, and availability... read more

**The long and short versions of NSCS 3.0 are currently available in English. Work is underway to translate the 3.0 versions of the NSCS into Spanish.

Updates to AAPI 2.0 and NSCS 2.0

The demographic sheet and the Parenting Profile for the current AAPI 2.0 have been updated. Parenting Profile 2.1 has added transgender man and woman to the Gender category; multi-racial and by-racial to the Race category; Working on or completed GED as Educational options; and I am a stay at home Mom or Dad in the Employment-School category.

Nurturing Skills Competency Scales 3.0

Over the past three decades, the composition of today's American families are reflecting the growing changes in gender, sexual orientation, racial and cultural diversity. To meet the changing composition of American families, the NSCS has now offers many new identity choices. The following are new options in addition to the existing ones.

Part A Changes:

Gender: added are Transgender Man and Transgender Woman

Race/Nationality: Added are Bi-racial, Multi-racial and other selections.

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced and Widow/Widower have been combined as options.

Highest Grade Completed: Combined grades, added: Working on or Completed GED, Two Year Tech School.

Current Employment-School Status: Added three options: Going to school part-time; Both Going to School and Working; I am a stay-at-home Mom or Dad; Currently unemployed and not going to school.

Parts B, C, D and E of NSCS 3.0 have a number of changes in items; changes in wording; and new items too numerous to list here. Click here to read more.

AAPI now in Arabic and Creole

Users of the Assessing Parenting application who work with Arab and Haitian families now have the opportunity to assess their parenting and child rearing beliefs. The AAPI2 is now available in Arabic and Creole . When you establish an account, you have the option of downloading, administering and scoring the AAPI in English, Spanish, Arabic and Creole.

Family Development continues to work with communities worldwide to provide assessment inventories and parenting materials for all families. Parenting materials are also available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Creole. For more information regarding parenting materials, visit us at

Nurturing Skills Competency Scale (NSCS)

Responses to the NSCS are presented in six constructs: About My Life; About Me and My Childhood; About My Spouse/Partner; About My Children and Family; My Knowledge of Nurturing Parenting Practices; and My Utilization of Nurturing Parenting Practices.

Two versions of the NSCS are available: short version (SV) for average parents who are attending parenting classes wanting to improve their parenting skills; and the long version (LV) for high-risk families or families receiving services from child welfare agencies or families mandated by the courts to attend.

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