System Reliability and Security

Steps we have taken to ensure success

Assessing Parenting takes precautions and care to ensure the site will be available and dependable. We understand how valuable and sensitive these data are and work with our agencies to provide a reliable system of data storage and privacy.

We've used the following techniques to ensure reliability, security, and availability:

  • Encryption - Industry standard encryption is used to store your passwords and any sensitive data.
    • Login and password reset forms are encrypted using industry standard Transport Layer Security.
    • Passwords are never sent through email, only links are sent that enable you to confirm an account or reset your current password over a secure channel.
  • Load Balanced Servers - The new system resides on rebuilt web servers that are served behind a load balancer. This helps us support a larger amount of users. If one of the web servers go down another web server can take over without interruption.
  • Passive Warm Standby Database Server - A second database server is standing by mirroring the data of the main database server. If the main database server has any issues the backup server will become the active web server with little, if any, interruption.
  • Multiple Locations - Our backup database server resides in a different availability zone then our main database server. Availability Zones are distinct locations that are designed to be insulated from failures in other zones. This allows our new site to be protected from possible failures in a single location.
  • Hourly Backups - Full database backups occur at an hourly rate and the last 4 are stored on the local database server.
  • Offsite Backups - The last 20 database backups are stored offsite and are transferred and encrypted using GPG encryption.
  • Agency Backups - In addition to all of these measures, agencies also perform regular disc backups to personally ensure there own agency data.

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