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Parenting Attitudes about Raising Teenagers Inventory

The PARTI is a self-report inventory designed for teens roughly ages 12/13 to 19/20 and their parents or other adult caregivers. The PARTI consists of 40 items that represent five behavior constructs that define much of the behaviors that are exemplified in adolescence. These five behaviors consist of:

  1. Psycho-social development
  2. Giving and receiving respect and dignity
  3. Working with the teen in establishing discipline
  4. Teen roles and responsibilities within the family
  5. Empowering teens in making healthy choices

The 40 items are presented in a five point Likert scale format allowing teens to state their beliefs as strongly agree, agree; strongly disagree, disagree; or uncertain. Responses are then categorized in three clusters of agreeing (SA and A), disagreeing (D and SD) or uncertainty (U). Parents also independently complete the identical PARTI. Responses of both the teens and the parents are presented in independent and combined profiles. An awareness of the similarities and differences in the beliefs of the teens and parents leads to a discussion and a stronger parent-teen relationship.

Construct A

Attitudes regarding Teens’ stages of psycho- social development

Construct B

Attitudes regarding Teens’ giving and receiving respect and empathy

Construct C

Attitudes regarding working with Teens to establish discipline

Construct D

Attitudes regarding Teens’ responsibilities within the Family

Construct E

Attitudes regarding empowering Teens to make healthy choices


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