Nurturing Parenting Programs

Evidence based programs with 40 years of validation.

Nurturing Parenting Programs are evidence based programs for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. With 40 years of validation, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse, Mental health Services Administration) and NREPP (National Registry of Effective Programs and Practices) along with program clearing houses at the state level have recognized the Nurturing Programs as effective programs for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

Prevention and Intervention

Nurturing Programs are designed to meet the assessed needs of families experiencing varying levels of dysfunction. Agencies can offer these programs to families in need of treatment for child abuse and neglect; offer interventions for families at risk for child maltreatment, or can offer educational support groups and resources for families desiring to improve their parenting skills. The programs are offered in group settings, in home settings and in combination group and home visit formats.

Negative Parenting Patterns

Nurturing parenting instruction is based on the five patterns of parenting that have been proven to contribute to the maltreatment of children:

  • Inappropriate developmental expectations of children
  • Parental lack of empathy of children's needs
  • Strong belief in the use of corporal punishment as a means of discipline
  • Reversing parent-child roles so parents can satisfy their needs and wants
  • Oppressing children's power and independence by demanding strict obedience to parental demands.

Research and Use

Over 40 years of research has shown that parents replace their abusive and neglecting parenting patterns with appropriate nurturing parenting patterns; families attending Nurturing Programs have a higher than average rate of attendance and program completion; parents use learned nurturing parenting patterns after completing the program as documented through home visits; and have low rates of re-abuse six months after leaving the program.

Nurturing Programs are utilized nationally and internationally by an array of agencies serving families. They are also use in conjunction with inventory assessments that help professionals determine the most effective parenting programs to use.