How it works

Family Development works to establish agencies all over the world, providing them with tools to assist families. The agencies we work with share a common mission of preventing child abuse and neglect. By being affiliated with Family Development Resources, your organization gains our extensive knowledge and the validity of our program.

Central Agency

The Central Agency is the mothership or hub organization that establishes an account with Family Development Resources. Many different types of organizations qualify to administer inventory assessment. We work with Social Services, Military Professionals, Therapists, and Consultants in the field of helping families.

Satellite Agency

For larger organizations or agencies that would like to open up another location, the Central Agency can set up and manage Satellites. These agencies have all the abilities of a Central Agency, except they can not set up additional Satellite Agencies.

Principal Agent

Principal Agent is the term used to define the Principal Agency’s main administrator. This is the head of the department, the main facilitator, or the person establishing an account. The Principal Agent has access to all program data within the Central Agency and can access the data in the Satellite Agency.


Facilitators assist the Programs by allowing more people to administer inventories and enter results. A program facilitator can be a clinical or a support staff member that can administer inventories, enter the data, view participant profiles, and access program profiles. Principal Agents can identify program facilitators and determine the programs and participant profiles that a facilitator has access to.


Your agency can have one or more programs. Programs are ways to identify and organize the specific interventions running in your agency. Programs help tracks the effectiveness of the interventions, and provides specific data to satisfy the requirements of different funding sources.


The Parents or future parents are the participants in a program. There can be one or many participants, and they can range in age starting as young as 13. After a participant has taken an assessment, the answers are manually entered and the inventory is scored, resulting in a participant profile.


The Participant Profile includes the Participant's demographics and the scores, both sten and raw, from the inventory assessment. On average, each participant completes a pre and post test for a full profile. After the pre-test, the scores can help determine programs or actions needed.